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Over the years I have come across many products that I find to be valuable assets to my fitness journey and I'd like to share them here.

Resistance Bands

I've been in the industry for over 30 years and these are without a doubt the best resistance bands I've ever used. They're incredibly versatile and can provide a really effective full body workout!

By Heather DiBiasi, RD

I've been making smoothies practically every day for over 10 years. This book is the only book of it's kind. A little bit of the science and 75 thoughtfully crafted smoothie recipes.


Food Scale

A kitchen scale can be invaluable in developing an eye for serving sizes. 

This scale is cost effective, has all the essential features and is small enough to hide away in a kitchen drawer. 

Body Fat Caliper & Tape Measure

If bodyfat reduction is part of the goal then you have to measure it. These simple calipers are a great way to make sure your your moving toward your goals without breaking the bank.

The greatest threat to our health and well being is lack of muscle. Firm lean muscle is critical to any sustainable weight loss program. The problem is that most programs only focus on the scale and a high percentage of weight loss comes from metabolically active muscle. Measuring body-fat and BMI in conjunction with the scale is a much more meaningful way to assess progress. The MEDca calipers and tape is an inexpensive way to obtain invaluable information about your fitness journey.

Optimum Nutrition

Nutrition Supplements for Health & Fitness

While I have not used all their products, I have been very pleased with the Optimum Nutrition products I have used. I have found that ON is one of the best brands in the health and fitness space (especially their whey protein powders) and I'm very comfortable recommending them.

Meeting your protein needs can be difficult. Optimum Nutrition makes a tasty, easily digestible whey protein to makes hitting your protein goals much more mangeable. It's an essential ingredient in all my smoothies.


Running Shoes

After years of searching for the perfect sneaker, In 2011, I found the ON Cloud's and never looked back. I love these sneaker's.

I had always been someone who was looking for the perfect shoe; trying different brands every time I needed a new sneaker. It was back around 2010 that I read an article about these 2 Swiss engineers who had designed sneakers. I was intrigued by their ideas and sought out the shoes. From the day I tried them on, I have never changed brands again. I LOVE ON Clouds.



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